Another art tab and a new direction

I've been working today to bring some more images online, you can find the new tab "the small" among the rest of the art. It's not much new art, but a collection of sketches and smaller works. Art should be accessible, and by finishing these sketches and having them for sale, you get some very affordable Garrett Suydam originals. Some of these may even be familiar, as the one above should. A lot of my sketches inspire paintings later. These are a few of my favorite and best quick works. Probably less than 5% of all my sketches are even considered for this series.

Also, there's a new series in the pipeline, keep an ear to the ground for the next few weeks to see what I'll be doing. It's going to be big... no literally, the first canvas is bigger than me.

And finally, I feel I've been quiet for too long; It's time to submit you all to my musings and ramblings. So pardon the dust while I construct myself a new soapbox. Make sure to check back in frequently for news, or sign up for the newsletter and I'll send the news to you.

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