Leave your mark on Denver

Today marks the start of my biggest project to date. Come down to the Denver Art Society from now until May 12th and contribute to the History of Denver. The details are following:

Denver: an Alternative History by its People

A city is more than it's skyline. It is the culmination of people collaborating and cooperating to create a destination, a culture, a shared history.

This piece is an invitation for every person to actively contribute to this history. Please write (black ink only) a few sentences about this city or about your life in Denver. Let's span the whole history: from the Paleozoic era to the present and even beyond. Everyone is welcome to join in: the natives, the new, and even our visitors. Write what you can. If you know the facts, great. If you know the myths that's just as good.

The lines can be read and written from bottom to top. The old is below as we climb into the present and towards the future, just like the rock layers at Dinosaur ridge. Pull the paper down for more room. The tail end will spread out on the floor.

Please, no illustrations; I will illustrate the story, as it is written. Write in your language; this is all of our history. You can sign your name for your section or leave it anonymous. This piece is available to buy, but will not be completed until May 12th, 2015.

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