September Opening - 1st Solo Show

This September, I'll be taking over the walls of Mad Beans & Wine Cafe for my first solo show - With or Without Poise. Join me for the opening the Evening of Tuesday, September 1st from 5 - 8 pm for the opening reception. Cash bar and salads are available: I keep it classy and healthy.

UN/POISED September 1st -31st, 2015

The portrait is one of art's longest traditions. Once a tool for making the rich and royal look even more important, UN/POISED is all about having fun with the portrait. This collection is an exploration into all the things that make the human face such an interesting subject; one of those things is not poise.

Much of my early work focused on faces with character. There were a lot of old, weathered men in my high school portfolio. That desire to capture interesting faces has not waived. Since then, I've done portraits of pure expressions, compromising situations, and odd perspectives. I've brought together some of my strongest from those for this collection to make a case against the serious, the airbrushed, and the dolled up. Let's have fun in the sneezes, the imperfections, ourselves.

Mad Beans & Wine Cafe is at 1200 Acoma St, Denver, CO 80204. It's directly across from the entrance of the Denver Art Museum's Hamilton building (which is almost like showing in the Denver Art Museum, right?).

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