Happy New Year with a new lookbook

This time of year always brings about big changes, past year reflections, and goals. I'll be building off of all the growths made last year for, hopefully, an even bigger year with more art and more shows.

I like to start the year off with a new portfolio and share some of my favorite pieces in one place. I'm taking a slightly different approach with a look book - something common in the fashion industry. The design is done, and it's all been sent off to the printers. If you're looking for a hard copy, they'll be here in a few weeks. In the mean time, there is a digital copy you can check out here. In the next week look for some updates to the website to include an imbeded version there.

Give Away

With the new lookbook coming, it's time to clear out the stalk of last years. If you haven't seen last years portfolio, they were a limit run (only 7) and hand bound by me. I have 3 left that will be going to the first 3 people to purchase some. If you've had your heart set on a piece, get a bonus with that work today.

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