Share Your Story with "Denver Stories"

A city is more than its skyline. It is the culmination of people collaborating and cooperating to create a destination, a culture, a shared history. “Denver Stories” will be an instilled at the main branch of the Denver Public Library in May, 2018. It will be a collection of oversized scrolls filled with stories from a wide variety of Denver people.

Over the next 2 years, I'll be taking this stand and scrolls to various neighborhoods, events, and schools to collect the stories of Denver residents of all age, creed, and color. Our first stop is the Hard Times Writing Workshop with Lighhouse Writers Workshop.

It works! If you see this easel around town... share your story.

In order for “Denver stories” to be a success, we need community engagement. The project needs events and locations to collect stories. A non-exhausted list of possible locations would be schools, libraries, cultural centers, and festivals. If you have connections with, or requests for, any of these, please contact me.

If you’re interested in contributing a story, keep up to date on where we’ll be going in Denver at

Last years project.

Last year's project

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